Brancusi’s “Endless Column” inthe top ten.

TOP TEN IN THE WORLD – “A survey of 500 British artists, cura- tors, critics and art dealers asked each to name the world’s most influential piece of modern art.” Brancusi’s “Endless Column” was among the top ten.

Consider, too, his famed “Column of the Infinite” or “Endless Column” created to memorialize Romanian soldiers who died in World War I. The column stands in Targiu Jiu, a south- ern town in the Wallachian region. While various explanations are offered for the symmetrical form chosen, a plausible one from ancient times is the use of two triangles forming an hour- glass shape. One part symbolizes birth to maturity; the other maturity to

death. Repeating the sequence, as Brancusi did, depicts the infinite cycle of life. The symbol is widely seen in artifacts recovered from sites along the Danube (but was also widely used in other regions of the world).