Homo Urbanus Europeanus

Jean Marc Caracci por Héctor Martínez Sanz

Niram Art Website

The Project “Homo Urbanus Europeanus” (HUE) is the fruit of 3 years of work and has already been exhibited in 31 European capitals. His author, the photographic artist Jean Marc Caracci, has covered the urban places of the European man in the same way that an archeologist searches for, digs up and tries to reconstruct the primitive spaces of the first humanoids. Nevertheless, neither vessels, spear heads nor rupestrian paintings are brought to light – maybe some graffiti and street painting – but spaces which are still present in front of the lens and of the human eye. This regards the “homo sapiens” who lives in geometrical spaces formed by rectilinear lines, parallels and angles which transform themselves into lights and shadows that may afterwards recreate them. This regards us, the Europeans.

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