Vlad Nanca´s project “Terrorism – Errorism”

The Fear in the air has taken a physical form. People are constantly reminded of this lingering menace, blown up to unimaginable proportions. We walk the streets with eyes wide opened, searching for the mysterious object. Anything can be the enemy, from a suitcase to a dollhouse. ‘Fear’, the silent stalker, can strike at any moment. With this constant threat looming on our heads all we can do is play, if just to keep our sanity.”  Andy Luke

“It is said that when Franz Kafka read his novels to an audience, he  had  them in  stitches. That might  surprise us now, but Kafka was not always the totem of gloominess  that  he has become. In fact,  to portray him  so simply is  to deny the impor- tance of humour in his work. This humour does more  than  sim- ply rub shoulders with Kafka’s characteristic cruelty and para- noia: it  becomes its agent. Think of his most celebrated story, Metamorphosis, in which the ‘hero’ awakes one morning to find himself transformed into a  beetle. Not only is this a  tragic pre- dicament,  it is also very funny. Furthermore, part of the  tragedy stems from the indignity of being the butt of a cruel joke.

Empathy  plays  an important role in humour.  Part  of laughter’s function  is  to dispel the infectious  nature of the other man’s bad fortune. By finding humour  in Kafka’s  Metamorpho- sis, we  are distancing ourselves from  the beetle’s  predicament, something that we need to do  precisely because of our potential for empathy, which threatens  to draw  his catastrophe closer to home. So humour, anxiety and empathy aren’t simply discrete emotions. They interact.” (B. A. Carpenter).

Vlad Nanca´s project  “Terrorism – Errorism” a nd “Playing with Terrorism” (video  installation) is the materialisa- tion of the lines cited above. Irony and humour may be the only way to make a point.

This  project of  the young Romanian visual  artist was pre- sented in several expositions  in Bucharest, Vienna and Dusserdorf. Vlad  Nanca  was  born in  Bucharest in  1979 and studied at the Art University   of   Bucharest,   Photography   and   Video   Department. “Working in a subREAListic vein (in the sense defined on one occa- sion  by Calin Dan,  as revealing  and playing with the supreme  state secrets – poverty and the ridicule), the artist Vlad Nanca is the initia- tor  of  2020  Home  Gallery and  of  the  “Începem” (‘We’re  getting started’) Internet  discussion  group  and  fanzine  –  processes  which  gelled a collective of artists of diverse backgrounds around the ironic credo that Romania will be  the  epicentre of the  art world in  the year 2020.”

“Vlad Nanca´s works demonstrate that the young Romanian artists have overcome the period entirely dedicated  to criticizing the  degrading state of a country that is in an on-going process of eliminat- ing the toxins of an oppressing regime and  have  renewed  their vows towards  art,  showing  that  “art knows no limits”,  as René Block once declared.”  (Anca  Mihulet ,  A Forceful Beginning at 2020: TRUTH/S and TERRORISM).

Courtesy: Vlad Nanca   www.2020.ro