ERAN EISEN: Fashion, Art Humour Interview by EVA DEFESES

ERAN EISEN is a poet, artist, graphic designer, International model from Tel Aviv, Israel. As a model, he is best known for campaigns made for L’Oreal, El Corte Inglés, BMW, etc. In Israel, he founded an Image Consulting Company “Present You – Image & Branding Advisors”, that uses a personal, direct and unique approach in order to give each client tailor-made consulting in presentation, image and communication. This multifaceted Israeli published his first book of poems in 200º, “Between Us”, which tells in short and inspired verses his views on love and relations from a biographical point of view. The book is divided into 3 parts, each part referring to a different period of his life. He is currently working on a cultural project called “Positive Israel”, whose objective is to create a positive, realistic image of Israel, to facilitate the access to cultural and artistic aspects of nowadays Israel.

Eran Eisen

Eran Eisen

Do you see fashion as a form of art?

Yes, I do. Dressing is a code of communication and as such it reflects our expression.

Can you describe from an artistic point of view the experience of haut-couture fashion shows? Many designers put together magnificent shows which go far beyond exhibiting nice clothes, light, music and special effects being carefully chosen to create surreal atmosphere that unites several art forms in a unique, breathtaking experience.

Haut-Couture is defined as the artistic side of fashion. It is where the designer is able to perform his real creativity with which he identifies himself. Putting on haut-couture clothes is a unique experience. Everything feels in place!! It has changed my perspective on clothes. It made me feel incredible inside, I’m wearing a statement.

What about Israeli fashion and designers?

Israel hardly has fashion because the climate does not allow it and since there is no demand for it on a daily basis… To say the truth I’m not familiar with young designers here. Personally I love Italian Design; Armani is my favourite because the classic design appeals to me the most.

How are fashion shows regarded in Israel and what are the possibilities for young designers to study and evolve?

There is one school of Fashion Designers in Israel and each year they present their final creations to the people in the industry. The shows are funny, creative, interesting and exciting (I did myself a few). It is very hard for young designers to develop here as the Israeli market is very small. In order to grow you must have a strong sponsor to support you financially and strategically. The only ones that succeeded to do so were wedding-gown designers or swimwear designers. In daily fashion I can only see one young designer that has made it: Yaron Menikovsky.

Do you think Israeli artists and writers are known in Europe, are there difficulties in getting on the worldwide stage?

I believe that every artist wants to exhibit his art beyond the borders of his country. Once you have created a work of art it does not belong to you any more, it has a life of its own. I don’t see any difficulty in being an Israeli artist and getting world recognition. There are some Israeli artists that broke the Israeli wall. Yaakov Aggam and Kadishman, painter and sculptor are known worldwide for many years. Efrayim Kishon, a writer was famous in Germany and Austria. Ron Arad is very successful with his chairs. Politically, there is always a chance that someone might make you problems for being Jewish or Israeli.

What about the art scene of Tel Aviv (exhibitions, art shows, museum, galleries, art magazines)? In a previous issue of Niram Art, we published an article about the Artist’s village Ein Hod, really a unique way of living and producing Art.

Israel has lots of artists. The stress we live creates the urge of expressing ourselves in all forms of art. Tel-Aviv is the centre of the activity for Art Galleries and I see, as time goes by, more and more galleries opening. Personally, I have learned that most artists have difficulties in promoting themselves (marketing) but it is essential to brand yourself as an artist as well if you want your art to be exposed and sold. I agree, Ein Hod is a special place, I have been there many times and it always seems to be expanding.

You worked as a model for El Corte Ingles (among many others) in Spain. How would you describe the Spanish way of life and society as opposed to the Israeli?

There are some similarities between the Israeli and Spanish people. They are both very warm and “hugging” and family-oriented. The Spanish have more “style” in their daily behaviour. We are also both hot-blooded and can get angry easily. The “Siesta” part of the Spanish way of life should be adopted. On my first day in Madrid I took a taxi. The driver almost ran over a young boy with a scooter. He stopped the scoter in front of the Taxi, blocking us, took his helmet off and without any hesitation broke the driver`s window. Coming then from bombed Israel, made me feel like home.

From your numerous contacts with Europeans, do you think they have a pretty good idea about Israel or are they totally clueless?

Personally, I feel at home in Europe. I’ve been travelling for twenty years all over the world, always keeping my Israeli identity. I was constantly requested to tell people about Israel from my own perspective and felt it was my duty to do so. My feeling is that: either you are an open-minded person that can have a global view or you are not. Israel has been suffering from bad PR for 60 years. It is our own responsibility to change it. My personal commitment is to build a “Positive Image” of Israel. You can have a real idea about something only once you have experienced it. Europeans that come here love the vitality, the human warmth and the warm weather of Israel. The ones that haven’t been here are exposed to the Israel that is shown in the news or TV programs or other sources of information and they are individually building their own Image of Israel in their heads.

What is the funniest or strangest thing that someone asked you about Israel?

Someone asked me once if we travelled by camels here. That was funny for me. And here is a symbolic joke: The teacher entered the class in the USA and told the kids she had a question of a 100$ prize for them: “Who was the most important person in Human History??” The first to answer was Joe: “George W. Bush my teacher”. The teacher said very nice Joe, really important person but not the most important. The second to answer was Jenny: “Napoleon Bonaparte” my teacher. The teacher said, yes he was very important, Jenny, but not the most. The third to be answered was Mike: “Alexander Mukdon” he screamed. The teacher said you are right Mike he was important but not the most. Than Moishale raised his hand and said: “It was Jesus Christ” my teacher. The teacher said Moishale you are right and you have won the 100$. But Moishale, I must ask you something, you are Jewish, so how can you say Jesus Christ was the most important person in Human History. Moishale smiled and answer her: My teacher, in my heart I know it is Moses, but business is business!!

Dear Eran, thanks a lot for your patience.