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Romeo Niram

Romeo Niram

Romeo Niram is a Romanian – Jewish painter born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1974, who lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

Gallery Representation:

Movement for Contemporary Art, Lisbon



In 2009, Romeo Niram became the first foreigner admitted as a Lieutenant in the Spanish Order Reales Tercios, an institution of chivalry founded in the Middle Ages and dedicated to the Spanish Royal Crown, which also promotes arts and culture. For his artistic merits and his commitment to the order he received a decoration of honour, offered by the General Manuel Fuentes Cabrera, President of the Reales Tercios Memorial Association.

In 2009, Romeo Niram was invited by the Order Reales Tercios to paint the Portrait of Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince Felipe of Bourbon and Letizia Ortiz, Princess of Asturias, the Heirs to the Spanish Crown.

The portrait of the Princes of Asturias is entitled “The Gate of the Kiss of Asturias” and it combines elements from Salvador Dalí, Leonardo Da Vinci and Constantin Brancusi. The frame is also an artistic work, a reproduction of the famous sculpture The Gate of the Kiss of Constantin Brancusi and it was created by another artist, Bogdan Ater.

In 2008, the work of Romeo Niram was presented at the International Congress of Contemporary Art, by Prof. Dr. Begoña Fernández Cabaleiro, organized by the University of Murcia, Spain.

Niram’s series of paintings entitled “Brancusi E=mc2” is an approach between art and physics, between the scientific discoveries of Albert Einstein and the artistic intuitions of Constantin Brancusi.

The paintings of these series were exhibited in Spain and in Portugal and were also presented at the debate “Art and Physics” organized in Tel Aviv, Israel by the Cultural Association New Vision.

Niram’s work was presented in magazines and newspapers of Spain, Portugal, Romania, Israel, Germany, by art critics, writers and cultural journalists. One of his paintings is featured on the cover of the book “Nine Months on the Moon”, published by the art and culture magazine Yareah, Spain.

Cultural Projects:

NIRAM ART – a Fine Arts magazine in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Romanian aiming at creating bridges bewteen artists and art collectors, art lovers and Galleries from across Europe. It  received several Awards for its effort to promote art in four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Romanian.

ESPACIO NIRAM a cultural venue opened in Madrid, where artistic and cultural events take place, such as art exhibitions, concerts, poetry readings, theatre shows, book launch celebrations, conferences, etc. Espacio Niram has become an important centre for promotion of young artists and also for holding debates, book launches, gatherings of writers, film-makers, journalists, actors, artists.

For his dedication to the promotion of arts in the Iberian peninsula, Romeo Niram received the Mac’ 2009 Award for Cultural Promotion, offered by the Movement for Contemporary Art in Lisbon, Portugal.

Since 2004, Romeo Niram has been engaged in numerous projects of cultural promotion and international cooperation, especially between Spain, Portugal, Israel and Romania.

His first cultural project was Diaspora, a bilingual newspaper founded in Portugal, promoting Romanian and Portuguese arts and culture. For his contribution on building Portuguese and Romanian Cultural relations, he is mentioned in the Thematic Dictionary of Lusofony (Texto Editores, Lisbon, 2005, page 848)





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