Art and Physics in Tel Aviv

Friday, September 25th 2009, the Cultural and Artistic Association New Vision from Tel Aviv, organized the debate Art and Physics, presenting the works of several artists who found in science the greatest source of inspiration, among them Romeo Niram and his series of paintings Brancusi E-mc2. The  works of Romeo Niram were presented by the journalist Eva Defeses.  The motto of the debate was “Revolutionary art anticipates visionary physics” , from the famous book “Art and Physics” by Leonard Shlain.

Romeo Niram - Art Physics in Tel Aviv

Romeo Niram - Art Physics in Tel Aviv


Book Launch: The Poet George Roca launches his latest poetry book at Espacio Niram – Madrid

Romanian – Australian poet George Roca (living in Sydney) launches his latest book of poems  “Escape from the virtual World” at Espacio Niram, Madrid. Participants: Horia Barna, dir. of ICR Madrid and writer Martin Cid, the director of Yareah Magazine.

George Roca - Poetry book

George Roca - Book Launch at Espacio Niram, Madrid

Saturday, Sept. 26th, 8 p.m

Espacio Niram Madrid