BETWEEN US – Poems by Eran Eisen

Waking up

When I’ve left You were sleeping When I walked
You were dreaming When I came home You woke up
Inside me

San Francisco



In San Francisco

Ten hours From touching You


To turn To crush To torn To bite
To control
You give


Almost noon,
Four messages
None from you
I know it


Three at night
In my bed
The window is open
Hearing your steps
In a rhythm
Only you create
The key turns You come close
Kisses me
Whispers wait Undressing…

Where are you?

Calling you
There is no answer
Screaming your name
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Are you close,
Or far away?

New York

Restless rain
Yellow controls traffic
Walk….don’t walk…
Second Avenue
Uptown coffee
In the corner
People in movement
With an umbrella

NY Night

East And West
Fifteenth floor
Fifth Avenue
Night Morning
Tooth Brush
Yellow Cab
To the first Avenue

The Doormen

They open
They close
They invite
They smile
They keep
Day and night
The secrets!