Portuguese artist Maria Joao Franco by Alvaro Lobato de Faria

During her 40 years of career, Maria João Franco has become an intransigent pursuer of interior truth and liberty, being an artist in constant changing yet managing to remain true to herself.Maria João Franco marks the contour, captures the movement, turns into reality an idea, within a pictorial imagery which gained her a noteworthy place in the Portuguese Fine Arts.Her art is deeply connected with the body, be it either the human body or the body of things.There is a warm and tender involvement in her paintings which figurates our condition, and which confers harmony and beauty to the triviality of the ordinary life.Her painting, in which rhythm is a stylistic element, declares the autonomy of colour, of utmost importance.It is a painting of immediate gesture, of capture of space, of the vanity of existing, by restoring the lost childhood and creating a new way in which we look at things.

Maria João Franco’s art is extremely sensitive to the fluidity of the languages of the forms, to the strong materiality of the colour, to the force and charm of its evasion and its ecstasy. It is a fascinating and wonderful journey, both spiritual as well as technical.

Therefore, her works are the materialization of feelings of longing, dreams, and became important notes in the Contemporary Portuguese Painting.

The devotion and commitment of Maria João Franco reveal to us the definite fact that we stand in the presence of a great painter, an excellent artist, recognised as such not only in Portugal, but also abroad.