Razvan Mazilu was born on the 21st of June 1974, in Bucharest. He began to study dance at the age of three. Even though at the beginning everything seemed just a game, the subsequent trace of the studies follows its natural course: he graduates the “Floria Capsali” Ballet Highschool from Bucharest (1992) and the “I.L. Caragiale” University of Theatrical and Cinematographic Art, the choreographic creation section (1996). At the same time he attends preparing courses and work-shops taught by the choreographers Josef Nadj, Christine Bastin, Dominique Bagouet, Gigi Caciuleanu, Rusell Maliphant.

Razvan Mazilu & Monica Petrica, foto by Egyed Ufo Zoltan

Razvan Mazilu & Monica Petrica, foto by Egyed Ufo Zoltan

As early as the years of highschool, he became a soloist of the “Contemp” Contemporary Dance Company, first at the National Romanian Opera House, then at the Jewish State Theatre.

Since 1993 he has been the master of his artistic destiny, becoming a free-lancer, and he continued his career in a double hypostasis: that of an interpret and that of a creator.
Razvan Mazilu’s debut in choreography is marked in a spectacular manner by a few prizes obtained at the the national dance festivals: The Special Prize of the the jury for choreographic debut at the “Eurodans” International Festival from Iasi, The First Prize at the “Mihail Jora” National Festival, Bucharest and The Prize for exceptional choreographic debut awarded by the Union of the Composers, Choreographers and Musical Critics of Romania.

In 1994, his debut plays became television productions in the “Transfiguring” recital produced by TVR1, Romania’s main television channel. In

1995, while still being a student, Razvan staged at the National Theatre of Bucharest the first play fully belonging to him: “The Lady of the Camelias” . This production of theatre and dance, considered by the specialized critics a crossroads one, also meant the acquaintance with the actress Maia Morgenstern.

Further on, in 1995, the director Andrei Serban invited him – as a choreographer – in the team which was staging “Oedipe” by George Enescu at the National Romanian Opera House.

Razvan Mazilu continued his quests in the area of theatre – dance: “Talk to Me like the Rain and Let Me Listen to You” after Tennessee Williams, it was a new show and a first contact with the Odeon Theatre of Bucharest (1996).

In the same year, Razvan took part in the International Ballet Contest from Paris, France, where Mrs. Bernadette Chirac handed him The Prize for Interpretation of the National Opera House of Paris in a ceremony kept at the E l i s é e Palace .

In 1997, Razvan Mazilu was the protagonist of the first one-man-show of a Romanian dancer, “Playing Shakespeare”, in the choreography of Ioan Tugearu, played on the stage of the National Theatre of Bucharest.

Since 1998, he has begun a long lasting collaboration with the National Romanian Opera House as a g u e s t – s t a r i n “ A n n a K a r e n i n a ” ( 1 9 9 8 ) , “ J a p a n e s e Engravings” (2000), “Red and Black” (2001) where he had the main part, that of Julien Sorel.

An innovative challenge it the collaboration with the Romanian Opera House of Timisoara, which, in 1999 invited him to stage a new modern version of the ballet “Coppelia” by Leo Delibes.

One year later, Razvan Mazilu met again with the Odeon Theatre, as an artistic counselor-choreographer. In 2001, he directed a new show of theatre and dance, “The Blue Angel”, a personal version of the novel “Professor Unrat” by Heinrich Mann, and then he launched “Dance at Odeon”, a programme meant to promote the Romanian contemporary dance. As part of these productions, the young choreographers Claudia Martins and Rafael Carrico created “Bolero. I Lost the King”, played on Ravel’s famous music, especially for the personality of the dancer Razvan Mazilu.

Between 2003-2004, he came back as a guest star on the stage of the Opera of Bucharest for “The House of Bernarda Alba”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Mephistopheles”.

In 2004, at the Odeon, it is staged the play “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde, in which Razvan Mazilu – performer of the main part and choreographer – appears in the stage direction of Dragos Galgotiu, one of the most important Romanian directors.

In January 2004, he was awarded by the president of Romania, Ion Iliescu, the medal The Cultural Order in rank of a Knight “for the whole activity and for the abnegation and the performing talent used in the service of the scenic art”.

The theatrical season 2004-2005 is extremely fortunate, including exceptional professional experiences: the DILOS Theatre of Athens, managed by Dimitra Hatoupi – one of the most important actresses of Greece – invited Razvan Mazilu to direct the musical “Marlene” by Pam Gems.

The season 2005-2006 brings Razvan Mazilu new challenges, building on his popularity and his status as a complex artist. He achieves a spectacular come- back on the stage of the National Opera House in Bucharest, with “Simphonie Fantastique”, a show of choreographic theatre signed by Gigi Caciuleanu, on the famous score of Hector Berlioz. At the same time, at the Odeon Theatre, the dance adventure goes on with an innovative show mixing contemporary ballet and Argentine tango.

“Un Tango Más” is a show signed by Razvan Mazilu, supported by director Alexandru Dabija. Faithful to his belief that an artist needs to constantly surprise audience and reinvent himself, Razvan Mazilu also tackles a totally different genre: cabaret. As the protagonist of the one-man- show “Sell Me!”, Razvan Mazilu dances in the unconventional space of an underground club.

The season 2006 – 2007 saw another fresh and contemporary approach to classics – the highly praised dance show BLOCK BACH, an urban saga exclusively on sacred music by Bach. Along with Razvan Mazilu, the reputed Israeli artist Amir Kolben was invited to complete the choreography of the show.

Another novelty of the season was the launch of DANCE ENERGY, international social responsibility project, initiated and coordinated by Razvan , in the benefit of the choreography scools in Romania. The first show of this project, ‘Razvan Mazilu and Friends’, gathered on the stage of the National Opera House in Bucharest major international and Romanian artists including dancers Talia Paz, Rafael Carrico, Claudia Martins, Adrian Stoian, Monica Petrica, actress Maia Morgenstern, soprano Felicia Filip, TV star Mihaela Radulescu and musicians Johnny Raducanu and A.G. Weinberger. The funds raised through this extraordinary charity show have been donated to the ‘Floria Capsali’ choreography high-school in Bucharest.

Through all his career, Razvan Mazilu has had collaborations with the choreographers Amir Kolben, Marc Bogaerts, Claudia Martins and Rafael Carrico, Gigi Caciuleanu, Ioan Tugearu, Florin Fieroiu, Alexa Mezincescu, Miriam Raducanu, Adina Cezar, Liliana Iorgulescu, with the theatre and opera directors Alexandru Dabija, Dragos Galgotiu, Andrei Serban, Catalina Buzoianu, Cornel Todea, Petrika Ionescu, Ana Margineanu, Anda Tabacaru-Hogea, with the set-designers Doina Levintza, Adriana Grad, Andrei Both, Dragos Buhagiar, Irina Solomon.

Tours in: Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Israel, Russia, Egypt, Hungary, Slovakia.